January 1st, 2014

Wash me out to sea. A vessel on a wave.

Let me float across to another continental plate…float to another place entirely. Be lost for a blissful eternity and return when I want to. Tell people when I want to. Face the freedom of my own choices. Let out the cries of a free person. I stand alone on this sandy beach without you… stand alone to face the world.

The bright sun spoke to me. Shining its rays on me. Burning my skin as a warning—

“Listen to me. You’ve got the moon and me for a little while, trading places, switching times. But one day for you the moon will not glow and I will not shine. And the stars will go out, one star at a time. And you will find yourself surrounded by blackness devoid of light. What will you do? Well, you will die. But until your time here is done embrace all your choices and raise up your eyes. To the sky and its horizon, our celestial playground. The place where your heart gets all of its dreaming done. A place of magic and hope, where no one else can fuck up your plans. Keep your eyes on the horizon and believe in my rays, the moon with its moonglow and the dawn in all its colors. We are all the beauty that will make your one life mean everything.”

Then the sun set and left me in its wake, the wake of words indicating all the choices I could make.

And I cried because it was beautiful, and I laughed because it was beautiful, and I ran down the empty beach to claim what was mine.

I am a vessel of love. I am a vessel of life.

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